Become an Expert on social media marketing service

Become an Expert on social media marketing service

Frequently I start to see the Community Managers and the people who hire them, very worried about the amount of fans they have on the Facebook web pages and the followers they have on Twitter or Instagram. The guarantees created by the CM are nearly always all based on the upsurge in fans and the engagement they will achieve for the client.

There is certainly some truth for the reason that we have to achieve an interaction because that will speak well of what we are doing in conditions of content, however the the truth is that the number of fans, likes or followers, is as part of your a measure of vanity. I have observed that this is hard to comprehend for many people focused on community management, but above all, because there is still the idea that the CM is focused on publishing on networks and growing a merchant account. I do not dispute it, but that is only a very small area of the real and total work.

The problem today, derived from the recent growth of brands/companies in social networks and the seriousness with which it was taken by those who were already taking action in this area, is that discussing organic issues is almost an issue of the past, especially when we make reference to Facebook. Maybe on twitter is another story, since it still allows us a natural reach when this content is of quality, interesting, fun, educational.

On Facebook, we can have luck strokes whenever we will get something that works as a "sociable currency" and that everyone wants to share to be the first ever to let their group know something new, astonishing, extremely funny or outrageous. But the questions that we then make brands, companies and responsible for internet sites are: how are we heading to attain something ?, What should you can expect our potential customer ?, What is it that we will measure ?, Do we ignore the number of fans?

Any additional question will surely continue the same line. The answer to everything is that yes, we must leave aside the amount of supporters to focus on the actions and results expected by your client. Hardly ever a CM asks his possible client about what he wants to achieve with his network management, what he does indeed is give a proposal with a assortment of actions on Facebook, one or two Twitter proposals, and of course, Instagram. Your client for an instant forgets what he really pursues and is dazzled by what they offer him in systems and that is much more than what he is probably doing up to that moment.

But, what is it that matters to the customer? Actually, they may be other figures, the conversions: sales, databases, attendees to an event, trips to a website, calls, messages, etc. That is what we should concentrate our actions on and nothing at all of this, it has to do with the number of fans that your client has. We can grow vanity numbers, but what counts is getting the numbers that really interesting.

The changes in the algorithm of Facebook, which is until today the most important network in Mexico with 83 million users *, make taking into consideration the organic thing a thing of days gone by. It's important to purchase advertising in virtually any of its forms within Facebook and ensure that it's associated with quality content, since it must also be very clear: it is not enough to place money on Facebook, it requires an image, duplicate and impacting idea in each case, it does not matter whether it's a post or an advertisement. And that's where the community manager truly employs his capabilities both to apply social media and to build communities.

The next time you make a proposal for your client, be sure to ask what he desires to achieve and translate that (properly analyzed) into the action plan and the objectives to be performed.

If it's an influencer or micro influencer, that's another story.